Jeremy Vallerand
Jeremy grew up in the foothills of the Cascade mountain range just Northeast of Seattle. In early 2008, while travelling abroad, Jeremy visited a home for survivors of sex trafficking. The reality of modern-day slavery profoundly impacted him and he began working to fight this terrible injustice both domestically and abroad. In the summer of 2008, Jeremy and a group of friends decided to combine their love for adventure with a desire to fight injustice and Climb for Captives was born.Jeremy now leads an organization called Rescue:Freedom International that focuses on empowering the rescue and restoration of those suffering in sexual slavery. Jeremy is an avid outdoorsman who especially loves hiking the Washington Cascades and the Austrian Alps. His outdoor gear reviews have been featured in Backpacker Magazine and Outside Magazine and he has been a GORE-TEX MountainTech tester for five years.Jeremy lives in Seattle with his wife and two children.

Robby Hipp
Robby is a family man with a seemingly unquenchable thirst for challenge and most any activity that takes him outdoors. Spending the early years of his life living in Seattle under the shadow of Mt. Rainier, he dreamt of standing on top. After two intensely gratifying (and painful) Mt. Rainier summits with C4C under his belt, the cause of combatting human trafficking has beckoned him to climb again. He has built a reputation for stashing absurd amounts of sour gummy candies in his pack to provide much needed energy boosts to the team on summit day. Robby is honored to be part of this climbing team and support Rescue: Freedom International’s efforts in India.“The pain I experience climbing Mt. Rainier pales in comparison to the pain human trafficking inflicts on its victims. The least I can do is to suffer doing something I love with the goal of supporting the girls who have suffered at the hands of their oppressors. They deserve the hope and healing that Rescue: Freedom International is providing.”

Josh Hebert
Josh has lived in all four of the pacific coast states. He developed a love for the outdoors in the woods along the Deschutes river in Bend Oregon. This love grew deeper while living in Anchorage Alaska from 11 to 19 years old. After moving to Seattle in 1991 he quickly fell in love with the Pacific Northwest and all that the area has to offer.
As a founding member of Climb for Captives Josh has summited on all four Climb for Captives trips, including leading the team to the summit of Mount Baker in 2010 and Mount Rainier in 2013. Climb for Captives is the perfect opportunity for Josh to combine his love for the outdoors, great friendships and the fight against modern day slavery.Josh, his wife Tanya and their daughter Abby live in Monroe Washington where he serves as the Monroe Campus Pastor for EastLake Community Church.

Rob Garey
Rob is married to the invincible Vanessa, and father to Quinn and Ryland. He is serving Seattle’s finest companies with Point B, and helping @ Rescue:Freedom International.
His climbing experience includes summiting Mt. Rainier with original Climb For Captives team, Mt. Whitney, Mt. Sinai, Telescope Peak, and the 3 Peaks Challenge in the UK.Why does Rob climb with Climb for Captives? “Doing what I love to undo what I hate.”

Ben Wicks
Ben is a founding member of Climb for Captives. He is a Seattle native and is a Managing Director for Cornerstone Advisors, a wealth management firm in Bellevue, Washington. Ben is the husband of 16 years to his wife, Angie, and the father to three children, Sam, Katie, and Lily. All together, they are better known as “Team Wicks” and their family mission is to live a life of adventure.Ben has a passion for the outdoors and for serving the underprivileged and marginalized. In 2006 Team Wicks spent three months in the jungle of Fiji working with an organization which cares for single mothers and their children who have been ostracized by their families and communities. As a member of the Climb for Captives team, he loves the opportunity to combine his zeal for the mountains with the cause of bringing hope to the hopeless. Reflecting on the pain and suffering of the women and children in slavery helps him push through the physical pain of climbing such a challenging peak. Ben is an avid hiker, skier, and woodworker. He and Angie also have a home business, Team Wicks Woodcrafts, building and selling custom furniture.

Del Chittim
Del grew up climbing with his Dad and older brother and has summitted every
major peak in the Cascade range including 7 trips to the summit of Mt. Rainier
from 3 different routes. Del was a founding member of the Climb for Captives
team and has guided many teams on multiple mountains.When not enjoying the outdoors through skiing, climbing, or biking Del works as
a consultant for several nonprofit organizations throughout the country including
Rescue:Freedom International which is led by Climb for Captives Founder,
Jeremy Vallerand.Del has been a product tester for GORE-TEX for several years and lives near
Seattle with his wife and three kids.

Paul Hassell
Paul lives in Kodak, Tennessee near the Great Smoky Mountains with his wife Nora and baby girl Flora. Paul has a contagious love for life, adventure, and celebrating light. As owner of Light Finds, he leads small group photo tours to destinations all over the world. He is excited to return for another Climb for Captive adventure and combine his love for photography and the mountains with his desire to make an impact in the lives of people suffering injustice around the world.

Matt Skidmore
Matt and his beautiful wife, Annie, recently completed 8 years of service with the U.S. Military and are new to the great Pacific Northwest. They were introduced to Rescue:Freedom International’s work and mission a few months after arriving and when presented with the opportunity to serve at the point where great purpose collides with true adventure, Climbing for Captives, Matt could not resist!Matt successfully summited Mt Rainier as a member of the 2013 Climb for Captives team.“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing”
–Edmund Burke

Scott Sustad
Scot grew up in the great state of Colorado where he developed a love for the mountains. He now lives in Vancouver, British Columbia with his beautiful wife Kimberley. Scot is the Co-Founder of three companies and has a passion for developing community and multiplying leaders. Scot reached the summit of Mt. Rainier in 2010 with the Climb for Captives team and is pumped about being on the Mount Adams team this year and working hard to help provide freedom to those who need it so desperately.

Scott Heller

Scott is a passionate entrepreneur and has launched four companies in diverse markets including finance, athletics and automotive, and created a unique mentorship network for personal and business growth of individuals and companies.Born and raised in the Seattle area, he attended school locally and holds a Bachelor of Arts in Biotechnology from the University of Washington. His personal interests include spending time with his son Cohen, surfing, boating and snowboarding.Philanthropy is also important to Scott. He has donated time and resources to organizations like Art with Heart, Many Lights Foundation, Emerging Philanthropists and the Leukemia Lymphoma foundation and is proud to be a part of the Climb for Captives team.

Dan Nelson

Dr. Dan Nelson grew up in Tacoma, Washington and is a graduate of the University of Washington and the University of Southern California. He has been practicing pain management since 1989 and had the honor of being named by Seattle Magazine as one of Puget Sound’s “Top Doctors.”Dan is married to Bernadette and they have four children – their son, Josh and triplet daughters, Christina, Hannah, and Olivia.

Jason Chudnofsky
Jason has been a Washington resident since 1991. He’s married to his amazing wife Stephanie of 13 years. They have three wonderful children, Levi, Seth and the lovely Addison. Jason works as the executive lead of Reach Church. Jason and Stephanie have a passion to serve others. They have been foster parents to two children, have been apart of many service projects both in the US and abroad and faithfully serve with numerous locally based not-for-profits.In July of 2013 Jason had the honor of reaching the summit of Mt. Rainier. He has also summited Mt. Adams, Mt. Whitney and Mt. Baker along with other local lower peeks. He is an avid skier, hiker, ice climber, woodworker and chocolate chip cookie baker. Jason’s greatest joy in life is watching his children grow in wisdom, love and sacrifice for the greater good of others.

Brian Topp
Brian is originally from Northwest Montana. His favorite hobbies include hiking, hunting, and tinkering on his old school truck. He spent four year in the Marine Corps, from 2002-2006, with three deployments to the Middle East. He is married to the beautiful Kimberly who is carrying their second child. This new little one is due to join their four year old son, Tristan, at the beginning of November. Brian and his family moved to Kirkland two years ago. Brian works at the Department of Veterans Affairs serving disabled veterans.Why I climb with Climb for Captives: During my service overseas I witnessed the pain and disparity abroad. I believe that this cause is making a huge difference in the lives of people in desperate situations. Knowing I can use the things I love to bring awareness to such an honorable and worthy cause is exciting!

Chris Judd
Chris currently lives in North Bend, WA and works as Estimator/Contract Manager for Asher’s Asphalt and Seal Coating. Chris has been married to Jana for 4 years.To this point in his life, most of the mountains he has climbed were in pursuit of elk and deer. Chris is an avid outdoorsmen who loves bowhunting, fly fishing, and hunting waterfowl. He has spent the last 4 Septembers chasing elk in the alpine meadows just below the timberline of Mt. Adams. It being his favorite Cascade volcano, Chris can hardly wait to stand on it’s summit.Chris was introduced to the problem of sex trafficking 5 years ago because the gal he was dating (who later became his wife) was passionate about rescuing victims of human trafficking. He’s since joined the fight and once grew his beard for a year to raise awareness and nearly $5,000 to benefit the cause of Rescue:Freedom International. While his beard is trimmed short these days, his passion to fight human trafficking and see it’s victims cared for has never been stronger.

Jak Morashan
Jak was born in communist Romania and grew up in Portland where he spent many weekends snowboarding, hiking, and camping. He is married to the amazing Lidia, and has a creative and sweet boy name Micah, and the most energetic and spontaneous daughter named Zoey. He has owned two Design/Build construction companies in Washington and California. Now he designs and builds furniture for handful of clients, and is a projects coordinator for a home builder.

Dan Carpenter

Dan lives in Port Orchard, Washington and is married to Elizabeth. They have two kids – Caroline, 5 yrs old & Michael, 2 yrs old. He is a mechanical engineer, working for the Naval Undersea Warfare Center at Keyport, Washington.Dan has attempted Mt Rainier and was weathered out at 13000 ft. He has reached the summits of Mt. Whitney and Mt St Helens. He loves hiking and climbing in the Olympics.Dan is climbing for captives in order to raise awareness and actually DO something to help those who are trapped in slavery.

Joe Hutchison
Joe is a native of Knoxville, TN, and currently resides in Ocala, FL. Joe is a chiropractic physician in a physical medicine and rehabilitation group, specializing in manual therapy and therapeutic exercise. He has been married 10 yrs to his wife Mackenzie and has two beautiful daughters: Kenzlee and Charlotte.A collegiate rower, marathoner, triathlete, and surfer, Joe is more accustomed to climbing sand dunes than mountains, however he says “I’m willing to do something I’ve never done, climb a mountain, to help these women and children have something they’ve never had, hope for the future.”

Stephen Johnson

Stephen has never met a challenge he didn’t like. From being named athlete of the year at Skyline High School while holding the title of class president, to graduating from the University of Washington after enlisting in the Army and serving in Baghdad–he’s wired for hard work.An avid skier since age 7, it dawned on him that he needed to stop taking the easy way down the mountain and start climbing up it.As a result, he’s discovered the absolute thrill of climbing peaks throughout the Cascades and has his sights set on summiting with the Climb for Captives team to help further the impact of freeing the enslaved. When he’s not hiking, Stephen can be found running the family business and enjoying life with his wife Megan and their two kids.

Brian McCormack
Brian is the lead pastor of Reach, a new church on Seattle’s Eastside. He recently joined C4C climbers Jeremy Vallerand & Del Chittim on a trip to India, where he witnessed both the darnkess of human trafficking and the hope that efforts like C4C bring to those in need of rescue. He considers himself an advocate for Rescue Freedom International, and is particularly passionate about networking with other churches and pastors to maximize awareness and support for his new friends in Delhi and Nagpur.Brian has been married to his beautiful wife, Emilie for 7 years, and loves trying to keep up with his 3 energetic sons — Boston (5), Ryder (3), and Banner (1). He is a washed up basketball player who has never even considered climbing a mountain before, but hopes his boys might be inspired watching their dad step outside his comfort zone to help those in need.

Martin Barrett

Martin has had the honor of being part of small and mid-sized businesses and nonprofits. His experiences with them, reflection on scripture, the life if Jesus, great leaders and influencers, reading and thoughtful observation … has shaped his world view.In all these experiences he has found his heart for the poor, the oppressed and the outcast. He has also found that the best solution to poverty is a strong spiritual basis where values based on grace and truth are formed and loving your neighbor as yourself becomes the paradigm for action. He is also convinced that free markets are the best economic system devised by man to minimize poverty.Sozo is the expression of this world view. A for profit business whose end purpose is the “Facilitate Community and Funding Around Friends Who Meet Basic Human Needs.” They do this by helping generous businesses build their brand by including their customers and associates in acts of generosity and thanks. As they do this they become more profitable, more influential and therefore able to expand their generosity, sharing more funds and even their customers and associates with their friends who meet basic human needs.”

Martin is delighted to be climbing with is son Taylor. Who knows, this might be the start of a new father-son tradition of helping freedom.

Taylor Barrett
Taylor is a senior at Washington State University in Pullman, Washington. He loves outdoor adventure, has worked as a rock climbing guide in the Cascades, as well as at WSU’s Outdoor Recreation Center. He went to WSU for their Naval ROTC program, where he hopes to enter the aviation community.His father, Martin Barrett, joins him on the Climb for Captives team and they have both been drawn to charitable works, whether through volunteering time or expertise. Climb for Captives is significant because it allows them to follow this desire to serve together, as a team.

Sam Wicks
Sam is a 14-year old who is very active and loves being outdoors. He has been very involved in Bothell sports, including baseball, basketball, track, and football.In 2011, Sam climbed to base camp on Mt. Adams with the Climb for Captives crew. He is very excited to be going up again to reach for the summit and to participate in helping rescue those in slavery.

Ryan Vander Pol
Ryan – Born in northwest Iowa, raised in Bellevue, educated at Bellevue Christian, graduated from Northwest University, and now resides in Redmond with his beautiful wife Afton and two crazy but great children, Cooper (5) and Jack (3).Ryan spends most of his time working highway maintenance with the WSDOT, hanging out with his family and friends and obsessing over his favorite soccer team, Arsenal. He has been involved with sports and outdoor activities all his life, such as soccer, snow and water skiing, swimming, cycling, and golf to name a few. However, this will be his first experience climbing a mountain.Ryan received an invite to climb Adams from one of the climb for captives veterans and couldn’t resist the challenge of not only heading up the mountain but also raising money for such a much needed cause. He is excited to be apart of the team that brings a way out for women and children that desperately need it as well as spreading the news and shedding light on human trafficking.

Josh Richardson
Josh hails from Fort Collins, CO. He is an entrepreneur and avid outdoorsman with a love for adventure. Josh was inspired to participate in Climb for Captives after traveling to India with Rescue:Freedom and visiting the young girls whose lives have been changed by our efforts. He loves making new friends, eating excessively spicy food, hunting and fishing, and immersing himself in new cultures. He also loves to collect exotic things from the countries he visits. His friends joke that his largest collection is “the farm” – a formidable cauldron of living organism slowing taking over his stomach that he acquired from years of eating street food throughout Asia.Josh, and “the farm”, are excited to join the Climb for Captives team.

JC Richardson
JC is an entrepreneur from Fort Collins, CO. He recently returned to Colorado after graduating from Plymouth State University in New Hampshire where he was captain of the hockey team. He has high hopes that all those years on the ice will translate to skills on the glacier and he is excited to trade his skates for a pair of crampons. He is passionate about he cause and looks forward to sharing this experience with his brother Josh who is also part of the Climb for Captives team.

Stephen Leimgruber

Stephen is originally from Ohio, USA, and still considers the state his home base. Currently, he works as an ER and trauma nurse and for a community medical outreach program. Stephen has witnessed human trafficking domestically and abroad and is involved professionally and personally in the work against human trafficking in Columbus, Ohio.Stephen first started climbing 18 years ago and continues to love and pursue the sport. Personal highlights have included climbs in Little Cottonwood, Utah, Mount Lemmon, Arizona, and Half Dome in Yosemite, California. Stephen spends his free time enjoying traveling, drinking coffee, fly-fishing, and pedaling his bike at beach cruiser speeds while out to get the groceries.Having been a supporter of Climb for Captives since its inception, and a regular supporter of Rescue Freedom International, Stephen is very excited and thankful to join this year’s team in supporting the fight for justice!