How We Train

How We Train

The process of climbing a mountain often begins months before you ever step foot on the actual mountain.  Especially when you work an office job at sea level, proper physical training and conditioning is essential to climbing Washington's highest peaks.

We asked Stephen Johnson to share his training schedule with us-- a schedule that includes a day job, and an active young family:

Tuesday 6/10 6am West Tiger Cable Line
Thursday 6/19 5:30pm Mt. Washington
Tuesday 6/24 6am West Tiger Cable Line
Monday 6/30 5:30pm Mt. Si
Tuesday 7/8 6am West Tiger Cable Line
Thursday 7/17 5:30pm Mailbox Peak
Tuesday 7/22 6am West Tiger Cable Line
Thursday 7/31 5:30pm Mt. Bandera


To make the Climb For Captives team, you have to complete a 10k in under an hour and climb the dreaded West Tiger Cable Line in less than 50 minutes.  FitClimb has a great 12-week training plan for Mt. Rainier that is also helpful for getting in peak condition for mountaineering.

For more details on how we train for Climb For Captives, follow our workouts of the day (#WOD) on our Facebook page.

What are other ways we can get ready for our climb?  Do you have any recommended workouts or training hikes in the Seattle area?  If so, let us know on Facebook.