Confession: I Don't Really Want to Climb Mt. Adams

Confession: I Don’t Really Want to Climb Mt. Adams

I Don't Want To Climb

Confession: I don’t really want to climb Mt. Adams.

I mean, I do... but not really.

I’d rather eat a popsicle and lay on the couch.

I have friends who are climbers and they’ve described to me what climbing is like. According to what I’ve gathered, climbing is pain, exhaustion, exhilaration, more pain and more exhaustion. These guys are gluttons for punishment.

Meanwhile, I’ve been perfectly content hiking and hunting the high ridges and subalpine meadows in the shadow of Mt. Adams in pursuit of elk.  I’ve enjoyed fishing the gin clear rivers and lakes that find their source from glaciers on Adams’ rocky slopes.  In moments of cloudy thinking, I’ve thought about what it would feel like to stand on the summit, but those thoughts are quickly chased away by the thought of thousands of vertical feet of tedious and grueling climbing.  Just climbing.  No fish to catch at the top.  No elk.  Just climbing.

Nevertheless, at 3 am on August 12th, I will be crawling out of my sleeping bag with 27 other guys at our base camp at 9,400 ft. and pushing towards the 12,276 ft. summit.  “So what the heck are you climbing this mountain for?!” you ask.  Valid question.

In short, I’m climbing because I’ve found my motivation.  It’s certainly not going to come from a God-given inner drive to climb.  I’m doing it because it is literally going to change the life of a young girl caught in slavery in India.

Some of you may recall that I once used my beard to raise money to help rescue victims of human trafficking.  Thanks to a whole bunch of people who had strong opinions about what my face should look like, we were able to raise over $4,500 to help rescue and provide aftercare for young girls who had been abducted, sold, abused, dehumanized, and trapped in sex trafficking.  This is an issue that matters.  And this is my motivation.

It matters that we are a group of 27 men standing up, or, in this case, climbing an intimidating mountain for girls who have only known men who take their dignity, not restore it.

It matters that we will struggle, sweat, and sacrifice to raise money for these girls so they can experience a life far beyond what they ever thought possible.

It matters that we get to invite any of our friends from all walks of life to donate their hard earned money to join in sending a clear message to these girls:

You matter.

You have value.

You are loved.

There is hope.

If you are reading this, I am inviting you on this journey with me.  Your donation to Rescue:Freedom International supports efforts in India to rescue girls caught in forced prostitution, provide them with restorative care, education, and hope.  Many of these girls were literally born and raised in brothels.  Now, because of the ongoing work of Rescue:Freedom, these girls are graduating from high school and being given scholarships to go to college and many will get degrees in counseling and social work so they can go back to the Red Light District to help more girls step into freedom.  You can read more of these stories here.

My personal goal is to raise $4,000 in the next 3 weeks (which seems like another insurmountable, but worthwhile task).  If you would like to join us, you can donate HERE.

You can make a difference even if you can’t donate by helping share the Climb For Captives website and voicing your support on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.  Help get the word out!

Be sure to leave me an encouraging note on the donation page. I’ll be carrying those with me to the summit!


By Chris Judd, follow him at @judojudd