Why I Climb - Josh Hebert

Why I Climb – Josh Hebert

Why I Climb

Spending many formative years living in Alaska I developed a passion for the outdoors. Living at the foothills of the Chugach Mountain Range provided many opportunities for hiking, skiing and adventure. Some of my favorite memories involved heading to the hills with good friends. Whether back country skiing, climbing or fishing mountain streams the kicker for me is doing these activities in the context of great relationships. Mountaineering has brought these passions to a new place. You develop trust and dependency when roped to a team of climbers. You are able to encourage, challenge and inspire one another. You share experiences that develop deep bonds within the team. I have always enjoyed endurance challenges and sports or activities which require technical proficiency. Climbing is an opportunity to push myself, in the context of meaningful relationship and experience places in creation that few people experience. It doesn’t get much better!

Why I Climb for this Cause

Before 2007, I was completely unaware of the magnitude of human trafficking around the world. Like most people, I would read stories about containers of people being shipped to the United States and assume that the majority of these people were simply seeking a better life. I was completely ignorant of the fact that many of these people were not receiving the jobs they were promised but literally being sold as sex slaves. When my friend Jeremy returned from India, he brought back stories of the horrific conditions that women and children were living under in the brothels. Children being drugged and chained to beds while their mothers work as prostitutes hoping to buy their freedom. However, he didn’t just bring stories of tragedy, but he also brought amazing stories of hope, freedom and restoration. I was also blown away with how much work can be done with the money given. There are many organizations around the globe fighting to end human trafficking. Every dollar given to Climb for Captives rescues victims, imprisons perpetrators and rehabilitates the rescued.